An exclusive opportunity to secure one of eight privately owned franchises in the inaugural
Brisbane Premier League
and build your team, your way.

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Only 2 franchises remaining!


The Brisbane Premier League (BPL) is a franchise-driven T20 club cricket tournament for juniors through to senior cricketers, where the best compete against the best in an event model based on the IPL.

With investors such as Ian Healy and Mark Nicholas already secured, the BPL will provide an independent, privatised competition giving cricketers the opportunity to showcase their skills against quality opposition. It will provide legitimate resources to a traditional ‘volunteer organised’ sport and inject much-needed capital, infrastructure and support into the game at the levels below professional cricket. 8 franchises will make up the BPL for the inaugural 2021 season. 

Auction Night & Draft

  • Players will be chosen at an auction night, all with a fantasy salary cap, with the chance to make a mark for themselves in previously uncharted waters. In the lead up to the auction, franchise owners, coaches, analysts and talent scouts will have done their research before the auction night endeavouring to secure their targeted players within the salary cap. There might also be the chance to bid on some players whose price and availability represents value for money. The auction process is enterprising, competitive, nerve-wracking and fun.
  • The junior competition - comprising U12, U13, U15, U17 & U19 and additional girls age groups - in which teams are chosen by a draft system (along the lines of the NFL in the USA or AFL in Australia) will allow for an even balance of talent and promise, therefore ensuring a more level playing field and tighter matches than those in which the stronger or better kids take control. Players who may have previously missed out on a pathway, or indeed those late bloomers, can use this tournament as their platform to compete on an exciting stage that goes a long way to replicating the professional T20 leagues from around the world. 

Tournament Timing

  • The tournament will be played in the spring so as not to clash with any existing Queensland cricket competitions. We will work closely with all current systems and stakeholders to identify the best, and often unrecognised, talent while creating an additional and hugely relevant layer to the cricket ecosystem.
  • The Seniors and U19’s competition will run over four or five Sundays in August while the juniors will be played in the spring school holidays. Finals day will be played on a Sunday at a premier ground, before all club cricket begins, to ensure families and friends can attend. Games will be live-streamed, ensuring amateur cricket commands the attention it deserves and reaches the widest possible audience. Please note, these dates may be subject to change.

What's At Stake?

  • Considerable investment will be ploughed back into grassroots cricket: this is the fundamental key to the BPL financial model. In a heartbeat, a fair and secure pathway is generated, whilst remunerating all coaches, umpires, managers and scorers along the way. The BPL aims to become a relevant and important part of the development game, adding value and expertise to all sectors of the cricket community. Premier clubs will benefit from the opportunity of learning and experience offered to their players through the BPL.


Only 2 franchises remaining!

Endless Opportunities

  • There will also be funding opportunities to provide much-needed support that clubs may well benefit from the potential for leverage in the use of their grounds. For the franchise owners, a free market comes into play... At the core of this project - this adventure we could call it - is the ability to run a sporting team that feeds your passion! To operate as a fully-fledged business and to give back to the community in a way that has previously been unimaginable. The BPL provides YOU, the owner, with the mechanism to instil your values, beliefs and love of cricket in the inspiration of Queensland’s young talent. Welcome to the BPL - a new and innovative look at the old game we love so much.


Intelligent, opportunistic, pack hunter

Inject fear into your opposition

Weave your way out of any situation

Powerful leader wanting to leave a long lasting legacy

Ruthless and destroy everything in your path

Fight for hours without giving in

Fearless, cool, calm and collected

Entertainer who brings energy and spark


"The senior auction & junior draft is one of the most anticipated events on the BPL calendar."

  • The auction night is an event that comprises a meeting of minds and a love of the game with the climax of a pressure-ridden, heart-pumping, drama driven auction of Brisbane’s best club cricketers. It’s the IPL but in Brisbane, not Mumbai, and it’s your chance to create a team that does your community proud while rewarding your faith and investment into the game. The night of the auction is the moment your investment takes flight. 
  • The question is: can you steer it on the right path? 
  • Will you go for youth, experience or a blend of both? 
  • Are all-rounders the key? Top-order batsmen? Fast bowlers? Or is it spin to win? 
  • Is there a premium on the captaincy and, if so, how can you work with someone in the compilation of a team if you haven’t secured that person at auction? Some lateral thinking is needed there. 
  • Mapping out your franchise plan is essential in the lead up to the auction and in the creation of your team. This may well be the culmination of detailed and lengthy research by you – the franchise owner – and the talent scouts you trust most around the state. 

Will those you have identified perform under pressure and will they fit the culture you wish to create? Are the most sought after players truly worth the price tag? And if you lose someone to a competing franchise in the early stages of the auction, do you have a back-up plan? 

Now to the details... 

Senior Teams

  • After the official launch of the BPL, any of Brisbane’s cricketers, aged 18 or over, can put their hat into the ring – regardless of age, previous performance, or the area in which they live or play club cricket. After the nomination closing date, each of the owners will receive a list of those who have applied for the auction. Then the magic happens. On auction night, each team will have a salary cap. Of course, it’s “monopoly money” – like a fantasy football auction on steroids – to which they must stick to whatever the outcome. Therefore, beware of maxing out too soon: misjudge the money and you may be mismanaging your team. Equally, with some smart planning (and a bit of luck) you might sneak the steal of the night – a relatively unknown country player for example – and find yourself with a bargain that turns into brilliance. That’s the beauty of an auction and tournament that is for everyone; if you’re in it, you can win it! 
  • Now, fast forward to the second year of your investment and picture this scenario... Your franchise is looking good, so good in fact, you won the Grand Final! 
  • You have a retained list, an upgrade or two from your U19s team, potential trades to be made with other franchises and a bit of name – you are the champions after all – so players are keen to join you. But how does your budget look? Are your fringe payers happy? Who might blindside you? This, and more, is what IPL team owners go through every year. So will you!

  • Only 2 franchises remaining!

Junior Teams

  • Simply put, you have a draft for each age group that allows the best young players in Queensland to put their names forward, in the hope that they will be picked up and are then able to challenge themselves at the highest level, in the strongest league. To assist, we will provide you with a talent scout sourced exclusively on their knowledge of the junior cricket landscape. Much like the AFL draft, a lottery determines the order in which you get your picks. First drawn, first pick and so on. You are looking for your best 14 and praying that your rivals don’t secure the players you must have your eyes on before you do. The result is a live and fun family-friendly event that is also watchable from any device – you get to see if your kids and their mates are chosen, by who, and where.
  • Once teams have been allocated and pictures have been taken, all junior members will sign their very own mock BPL contract; a moment that makes the event feel like part of the professional experience and is definitely the start of the BPL franchise journey. It is both aspirational and rewarding. As the young players make their way in the game, they will come across the best club players in the state, some of course who go on to play for Queensland, even Australia. And that is the greatest inspiration any youngster can have.


"Your chance to own a piece of cricket history"

The BPL’s obligation is to put on a cricket tournament of the highest quality whilst ensuring all franchise owners have the opportunity to get a decent return on your investment. With our marketing ability and 11-year track record, we are proud to say that not one franchise sold globally has ever made a loss, and it is our duty to ensure your capital is protected and best leveraged to your advantage, acknowledging that you, as the franchisee, are the decision maker for YOUR team.

The BPL management team consists not only of highly successful businessmen, including BPL franchise owner and investor Ian Healy, but marketing, sales, legal and operational experts who have refined a highly attractive product over the years.

Now, let’s illustrate what your franchise fee gets you:

1. An exclusive opportunity to be involved at inception in a game-changing cricket league which we believe will shape the future of amateur cricket in Australia;

2. Whilst you build your cricket business, you will be well-positioned to expand into other sporting codes, for instance in South Africa hockey and netball have been useful commercial by-products of the NPL concept;

3. A proven business model that has worked for over a decade in like-minded cricket nations and has the backing of hundreds of former high profile current and ex-players who want to make a difference;

4. World-class marketing support backed by the Australian Cricket Institute and industry-leading experts who have been involved in some of the worlds biggest T20 leagues to ensure your brand is up and running in a short space of time, all whilst you are having fun!

5. Free table at the auction night (valued at $1,700) for your management team and sponsors;

6. Exposure to significant experts in social media marketing and website management;

7. Australian Cricket Institute to partner with all owners and provide regular coaching programs that add additional revenue streams to your team;

8. Creation of a sponsorship deal package and pitch deck to sell to prospective sponsors;

9. Established merchandising relationship with Gunn & Moore and a provision of a pipeline that allows for the manufacturing of team-specific merchandise i.e. hoodies, hats, supporter polos, warm up tops etc. so as to bring in additional revenue to your business;

10. Constant and continual support around the management and running of the franchise as a business;

11. Database of coaches for you to be able to employ if required, with BPL paying for the senior coach;

12. The BPL does not charge senior players any fees meaning it’s a free, high-quality competition for those good enough to be picked;

13. One allocated talent scout to identify junior players and invite them to the draft. The scouts will have the task of researching the list of draftees to identify the best franchise selections for you; and

14. Imposition of your team design on any additional promotional material.

The licence model is based on a three-year agreement with an option to renew at the end of the term.

Get involved with us at the ground floor in a concept that will bring you endless joy with cricket always the winner!



The Australian Premier League (APL) is a joint venture project between the National Premier League (NPL) in South Africa and the Australian Cricket Institute (ACI).

The NPL is a privatised and fully licensed T20 club and junior cricket competition based on the model of the Indian Premier League (IPL). It includes national and first-class players and brings unrivalled excitement and competitiveness to thousands of cricketers annually.

Franchise investors include former South African cricketers Gary Kirsten, JP Duminy and Vernon Philander. Each owns a team in Cape Town on the back of the excitement experienced by children and friends. Community is at the core of these franchises, along with learning and development.

The NPL is widely popular with existing footprints in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban making up a total of 26 franchises running as successful businesses. More than 700,000 followers on social media add to the reach and buzz of the tournaments and the cricketers themselves.

The development pathway is both clear and progressive, providing an opportunity for grassroots level players as young as eight-years-old right up to international level. Quinton de Kock is one of a number of celebrated names to have taken part, and flourished, over the years. This has all been done with the ongoing support of Cricket South Africa, who are delighted to lend their blessing and endorsement to a top-quality competition, in which every player gets a fair go and the youngsters feel a part of something big and relevant. That, in itself, is an inspiration.

The addition of two further South African provinces for the 2021 NPL is imminent, while the demand in Johannesburg alone is such that we will be launching a second men’s division along with a women’s competition in the very near future.

The ACI is a privately owned cricket coaching and player development organisation based in Melbourne. It takes a holistic approach to the game, offering a unique level of teaching, support and encouragement to players of all ages and skills. It has achieved commercial success in its own right and is the perfect partner to the NPL in the creation and operation of a privatised T20 competition that is sure to inject life and interest back into amateur cricket within the community.

The aim is to continue the trends found in South Africa throughout Australia, capturing market attention and desire for the game at levels below state representation. In fact, the marketing of the tournament through its power in local communities is one of the key factors in its overall success and will certainly be a strength of the Australian joint venture company as we launch the Brisbane Premier League (BPL) in 2021.

In South Africa, the NPL has created an environment for those who dare to dream of achieving the cricketing heights they see achieved by their heroes. It has provided the platform to give back to the community through the game we so love; it has allowed for easy access to knowledge and coaching in the pursuit of improvement and excellence. Perhaps best of all, through sports' unique ability to heal and inspire, it has helped to break down the barriers that exist in our daily lives.

The purpose as we move forward is to allow future generations to shape the cricketing landscape through their own experiences and enjoyment. Australian history is steeped in the game of cricket. Another new and innovative chapter in that story begins here.



Nick has worked professionally in cricket for his whole working life. First, in Game Development at Queensland Cricket before Co-Founding the Australian Cricket Institute 4 years ago. Nick has since led Sales & Marketing to help grow the Australian Cricket Institute from 80 cricketers at inception to over 2541 players through their programs last season.


One of the Co Founders of the Australian Cricket Institute. Joel has now transitioned from playing semi professional cricket into a career of building business. Having created the Australian Cricket Institute from merely a concept on paper, Joel had since found the gap in the market and developed the Australian Cricket Institute into the largest private coaching organisation in the country.


Ian Healy is a legend of Queensland. A Former Queensland Bulls player and captain,Australian player from 1988 - 99. Ian is a Queensland Cricket Board Member, ClubSponsor of the Norths District Cricket Club and Patron Chairman of former Queensland. Players entity, the Bulls Masters.


Awarded the Norman Martin prize for Pharmacy Administration and Planning in 1991, Stuart has always had a keen interest in the business side of healthcare.

As Co-Founder and Chairman of Icon Group Stuart played a critical role in guiding the growth and vision of the group both locally and abroad and continues to play a leading role in Arc31’s other healthcare investments.


Ziyaad Desai is a former first class cricketer turned businessman. He is the founder and CEO of the NPL. Ziyaad founded the NPL in Johannesburg twelve years ago, during a time when club cricket was struggling to remain relevant. His vision for the future of cricket came down to three clear ideas: commit to the concept that quality and opportunity matters; embrace the future of the modern game; and think bigger - think global and to turn the NPL into a brand which appeals to all cricketers both locally and internationally.


Francois is a lawyer qualified in the UK, South Africa and Australia.His principle business has been property development and he has consulted on projects with South Africa’s largest companies, generating over $100 Million AUD in property sales. Francois also worked in Sydney for 6 years for Empire Securities Group where he specialised in capital raising and developed a strong business network.


Mark Nicholas captained Hampshire for 12 years and England A in eleven unofficial Test matches. He began in journalism as sports featured writer for the Daily Telegraph in London before moving to Cricinfo. He is best known, however, as a broadcaster working first for Sky in the UK, both Channel 4 and Channel 5, and, of course, Channel Nine in Australia. He won 2 BAFTA’s with Channel 4 and has been twice named as The Royal Television Society’s Sport’s Presenter of the Year. His first book “A Beautiful Game” won there literary awards and his second, “No Spin” - the Shane Warne autobiography - received great acclaim. Mark founded the charity “Chance to Shine” which has been successful in bringing cricket back into state schools in the UK.


Cathie has always believed in the role digital solutions have to play in the delivery of exceptional healthcare, and this focus has driven not only her activity at Icon and Epic but sits behind many of the Arc31 investments.

In addition to her role at Arc31 she is the Chair of AUCloud and a Director of the Brisbane Lions Australian Rules Football Club.

Cathie is also keenly awaiting her flight to space as one of Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronauts, and documents that journey at her website.


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