BPL Free Clinic

Brisbane Premier League hosts free post-draft T20 coaching day

When the Brisbane Premier League (BPL) received submissions for the inaugural draft, there was an immediate plan put in place to ensure all players who missed out were given the same development opportunities.

So, on a sunny Sunday morning on 11 July at the Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club, cricketers from 12-19 years of age who missed out on selection attended a free BPL coaching clinic as a thank you for nominating.

“We had such high hopes for the first year of the BPL draft and it has honestly blown us away. By no way does not getting drafted this year mean we don’t care. We actually care a lot. It was so great to be in the nets with these players; their attitudes were outstanding. They chose to get better and not be bitter and it gave us good insight for next year’s draft,” says BPL co-founder Nick Fitzpatrick.

Players from all over South East Queensland, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and further north came to develop their T20 game, meet and mix with BPL team owners in preparation for the 2022 draft.

Coaches who attended and represented each of the eight franchises include Ian Healy (Northern Kings), Justin Sternes (Southern Rockets), Ken Dixon (Southern Rockets), Pranay Mishra (Gold Coast Waveriders), Brad Wigney (Bayside Pirates), Josh Matthews (Coastal Marlins) and Nick Fitzpatrick (Brisbane Premier League).

“It was very impressive to witness how enthusiastic parents were to have their kids coached by the BPL even though they missed out this year. From Pittsworth to the Redcliffe Peninsula they came with sensational attitudes and effort for three hours of solid practise in the quest for continual improvement. It was obvious some had been overlooked however, we know them now and our best wishes go to all for a tremendous upcoming summer season of performance and fun,” said Healy.

The BPL has always prioritised finding new and forward-thinking ways of engaging with aspiring cricketers.

This is only the beginning.