The inaugural season of the Brisbane Premier League is heating up as the competition closes in on round three this Sunday. It’s moving day for a lot of teams aiming for a place in the finals series to be played at Peter Burge Oval on September 19. Amazingly, with 14 points separating first and last on the table, every team has a mathematical chance of the finals. Here’s the best-case scenario for each franchise heading into Moving Day!


The Bayside Pirates require bonus point wins over the Moreton Magic and Darling Dingoes as a starting point for them making the finals. The Pirates will be watching the Northern Kings eagerly, hoping the Kings secure two wins, while two losses for the Marlins will assist the Pirates. From there, if the Darling Dingoes beat the Southern Rockets, and the Western Power beat the Gold Coast Waveriders, the Bayside Pirates will climb to 4th on the ladder with 14 points and secure a spot in the Finals. 


For the Western Power, wins over the Northern Kings and Gold Coast Waveriders put them on the path to finals. The Power will be hoping that the Darling Dingoes and Coastal Marlins fail to rack up any wins, as that would put them out of the top four. If the Bayside Pirates beat the Moreton Magic, and the Northern Kings get a win over the Gold Coast Waveriders, The Western Power will go into 4th spot on 14 points. 


For the Southern Rockets to fly into finals, beating the Darling Dingoes and Coastal Marlins is a must. It’s also imperative the Bayside Pirates secure wins over both the Darling Dingoes and Moreton Magic. From here, it’s all about the Magic beating the Marlins, Kings beating the Waveriders, Waveriders beating the Power, and Power beating the Kings. This would have the Rockets on 18 points in 3rd position for the finals.


The Gold Coast Waveriders will be needing wins over the Northern Kings and Western Power to kick off their hunt for the finals. The Waveriders will also be following the Bayside Pirates and Southern Rockets, as two wins for each team give the Waveriders their best chance to enter the last weekend of the BPL. From here, it’s all about the Western Power beating the Northern Kings and Moreton Magic beating the Coastal Marlins. This would have the Waveriders go to 2nd place on the ladder with 20 points.


In the case of the Coastal Marlins, wins against the Moreton Magic and Southern Rockets will aid their effort for a finals birth. The Marlins will be watching the Bayside Pirates and Western Power closely, as both franchises winning both games help the Marlins massively. It then comes down to the Southern Rockets beating the Darling Dingoes, and Northern Kings beating the Gold Coast Waveriders. This would see the jump to the top of the ladder with 21 points.


The Darling Dingoes sit within striking distance of the top of the table, and results pending, could find themselves there by the end of moving day. Step one is beating the Bayside Pirates and Southern Rockets. The Dingoes will hope their western rivals, the Western Power, get wins over both the Northern Kings and Gold Coast Waveriders. From here, the Dingoes need two losses for the Moreton Magic, a loss for the Northern Kings to the Waveriders, and the Southern Rockets to beat the Coastal Marlins. This would see the Darling Dingoes climb the BPL ladder to 1st place with 25 points.


The Northern Kings are all but guaranteed a spot in the inaugural finals series of the Brisbane Premier League. Wins over the Western Power and Gold Coast Waveriders begin the Kings climb up the ladder. Around the grounds, pairs of wins for the Bayside Pirates and Southern Rockets will assist the Kings in their assent. The Coastal Marlins beating the Moreton Magic, and Western Power beating the Waveriders also helps the Kings. 


The Moreton Magic have been nothing short of that (Magic) in the first instalment of the BPL, where they currently sit atop the ladder. Should the Magic secure wins over the Coastal Marlins and Bayside Pirates, they’ll continue their incredible form this season. The Magic will be hoping the Southern Rockets and Western Power chalk up two wins on the day, meaning the Waveriders need to beat the Kings and Pirates need to beat the Dingoes. This would keep the Moreton Magic in 1st position on the table at 26 points, booking their spot in the finals.